These rustic nibbles are handmade by craft bakers in Yorkshire. Their unique squarish shape and cheesy, slightly spicy taste make them a great nibble when eaten straight from the packet. They really are a bit special, just like Yorkshire folk …. and like Yorkshire folk, sometimes, they are even better when they are warmed up.


Our Cheesy Nibbles are baked with the finest natural ingredients avoiding the use of preservatives or additives - using traditional methods to encourage the nibbles to mature in flavour and texture, making them delicious as a biscuit for cheese.  Pair with pate, cheese, smoked salmon and more...


150g Also available in: Chilli Jam, Blue Cheese, Celery & Black Pepper, Oaten Biscuits, Tandoori


Minimum order - 3 of any of our packs of delicious biscuits.

Taste of Yorkshire - Cheesy Nibbles